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O'Connell Residence by Birch Ridge

Birch Ridge specialises in the development of boutique student accommodation solutions.

After conducting extensive research into student housing needs, the company set out to design and build accommodation and hostels for students that emphasise the criteria that were regarded as the most important. These include:


All of our properties are located within walking distances to universities, colleges, supermarkets and other conveniences.


Our buildings feature the use of the latest in security and monitoring technology such as closed circuit television and cameras and Smart Cards that prevent intruders from accessing the rooms and other private areas.


Most rooms feature ensuites for privacy and added convenience.


Fully furnished lounges with cable television are built into each housing project to allow students to unwind and socialize after a hard day’s studying.


Coin-operated washing machines and a kitchen equipped with modern appliances ensure that students do not have to leave the house for everyday needs during busy exam periods.

To date, Birch Ridge has developed over 200 student rooms across 4 major locations in Melbourne and this list continues to grow as more and more students demand the quality accommodation that we have been providing.

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